Urban Fawn jewels are hand-crafted in Barcelona. Because they are not mass-produced there might be slight differences between pieces. This is a value-added feature that makes every piece unique. 


Store your jewels in a smooth place and avoiding contact with other pieces. This will prevent scratches or excess wear. Your jewels should not be in direct contact with air, since metals may react with the gases in the atmosphere and they tend to darken because of oxidation. 

To keep your pieces in optimal condition, avoid bathing or showering while wearing them. Perfumes, sweat, pollution, humidity, soap or other chemicals may damage your jewels. 

Clean your jewels with a soft cloth. For a deeper cleaning, use a soft soap diluted in water. Do not use aggressive or acid chemicals as they could damage metal surfaces. Dry your jewel with a cloth before storing or using it. 

If your jewel has lost its brightness or has tarnished from use, please contact us at info@urbanfawn.com and we will polish it or gold-plate it again. Your jewel will look as new again. 


Silver is a pure metal that is always alloyed with copper in order to improve its qualities. We use Sterling silver or 925 thousandth silver to create our designs. 

When worn frequently, silver maintains its brightness; it is only when stored for long periods that it may tarnish. For deep cleaning, rub softly with a cloth impregnated with drugstore silver cleaner. 


Rhodium is a silver-white ductile transition metal. It is not very abundant and belongs to the same group as platinum. Although it is a very sturdy metal, rhodium-plated pieces must be treated with care to prevent the rhodium layer from deteriorating. 


Silver plated with 1 or 3 microns of gold (specified on each piece). This plating avoids scratches since it is adhered to outer part of the piece. The jewel should be cleaned with warm water, mild soap and a pure cotton cloth. 

The duration of the plating may vary depending on the pH value of your skin and how often you wear your jewel. We highly recommend you avoid bathing or showering while wearing it. 


Gold is a natural metal, so strong chemicals such as chlorine or other cleaning products can affect it. We advise that you remove your jewels while using chemicals to avoid abrasion and loss of brightness. To clean gold jewels, please use a solution of warm water and soap without detergent and rub with a soft brush. When you are not wearing your jewels, stow them in a soft cloth bag or in their original package. If your gold jewels darken or lose their brightness, they may be polished and they will regain their original appearance. 


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